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Diplomatic Approach

The Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Tonga in the Republic of Cyprus is designated to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Kingdom of Tonga and His Majesty’s Government to implement the foreign policy of the Kingdom, in accordance with the legislation in force and with the Government’s Program.
For that purpose, the consulate works closely with other government institutions, with representatives of the civil society, the business community, the cultural, as well as environmental and academic institutions.

Climate Diplomacy

The Kingdom of Tonga is a Small Island Developing State and it is extremely vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change and disaster risks. The geographical, geological and socioeconomic features of the Kingdom have classified itself as one of the countries in the world most vulnerable to these impacts and risks. His Majesty's Government understands these possible impacts and risks to the sustainable development of the country and hence considers these issues as high priorities in its National Strategic Development Framework 2015-2025. Thus focusing towards building a Resilient Tonga by 2035.

The dialogue on how to wrestle climate risks has repeatedly stressed the role of diplomacy and resilience strengthening. The consulate contributes to this process by supporting the debate in different fora on how to address climate change related risks and how to better use diplomacy to strengthen resilience at different levels 

Economical Diplomacy

Economic diplomacy for the Kingdom of Tonga includes preserving global financial stability without indefensible levels of youth unemployment and stimulating economic growth, while arresting or at least slowing down climate change. Moreover, economic diplomacy serves to assist and promote exports and foreign direct investment (FDI) for the economic benefit of the Kingdom.

Sport Diplomacy  

The Kingdom of Tonga is very passionate about sports. Rugby Union and Rugby League are the most popular being the Kingdom's national sport. The national teams, known as the ʻIkale Tahi (Sea Eagles) and the Mate Ma’a Tonga (For Tonga, We Stand), have been making waves on the international stage. Therefore, Tongan players are found all over the world in the top divisions.

Other sports practiced include boxing, volley-ball, netball, tennis, golf as well as swimming; even though Tonga does not have a swimming pool for competitions. While American Football is not practiced in Tonga, many Tongans are making a name in the National Football League (NFL) in America.

Rowing in the 1990s was championed by His Late Majesty Tupou IV which encouraged its popularity. The sport brought fierce inter-island contests, with Tonga sending its rowers to regional contests. As quickly as it rose, the sport faded away due to lack of sustained resources. However, rowing is making a come-back with some schools taking up the sport. Additionally, sport diplomacy is used by policymakers and international agencies in order to create stronger ties between people and to tackle issues like poverty, gender equality and climate change.

Tech Diplomacy

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, 5G telecommunications, and Quantum Computing hold great promise for the global good ranging from disease detection and treatment development to greater internet connectivity and possibilities.

The purpose of Tech diplomacy is to increase our knowledge of global development in a crucially important area where the Kingdom of Tonga could promote its interests, values and visions in the relevant spheres of influence through its diplomatic strategies.

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